A Message from Jeff

What brought you here? A circumstance, a relationship, a “sense” or even evidence that things aren't as they should or could be? Are you feeling stuck?

     Many times, people put their own health on hold waiting for those around to change first. But I'm hoping that you've decided not to become a hostage to the choices of those around you. There is a way to make your health your responsibility and your loved one's theirs. It's a remarkable journey that leads to greater health both for you and your relationships.

     Our minds and spirits have needs, just as our bodies need air, food and water. And, for many, these needs are not met, for whatever reason, in our past or present. Some compensate by numbing that sense of need with addictive substances or behaviors, or even by trying to help or "fix" those who do. But, if we take the risk to look inside, we might see that our need is still there and the help hasn't helped.

    Some people just give up when they realize that their efforts have not been successful. I am hoping that is not the case for you, that you have determined to take a positive step toward greater joy and contentment…to HEALTH.

     I hope that this web site will be helpful in that courageous journey.

     Jeff VanVonderen

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